Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Family

After writing my On A Lemon Kick series, I've decided to dedicate each month to a series of related posts.  June will be dedicated to Thankful Thursdays.  I would like to encourage everyone to share what they are thankful for during the week as well.  You can leave a comment or if you have a great post that you've written, please share that too.

I'd like to dedicate this week to my family.  Not just the family I was born into, but the family I married into as well.  One of the values that my mother instilled in us was that of the value of family.  These are the people who you don't get to chose to have in your life.  The people you have to LEARN to have in your life.  And the benefits and personal gain you get from having them and vise versa.

My family, like every other family, is far from perfect.  There are the weirdos, jerks, and drama queens.  We certainly don't all get along all the time, but we try.  You can't escape the fact that these people are family and that there are going to be times that you will have to show your face.  Instead of hiding or pretending to care, I try.  I try to know them and love them with all their quirks and it's amazing how easily it is to have them love you in return.  My family is so easily reachable and have a wealth of information and knowledge that is valuable to me.  How awesome is it to be able to call your uncle and get financial advise because he's a CPA?  Or go to your aunt because she used to be a hair stylist?  Most of the time all they want in return is your company.  Or a good laugh.  Something I can easily supply.  I never have to feel like I need to pay them back because we give unconditionally.  Another wonderful trait I've learned to embrace as well.

What I don't get from my own family, I get from my in laws.  I'm not really sure how I got lucky enough to have in laws that I actually enjoy spending time with.  I inherited nieces and nephews which was weird at first, but now feels very natural.  I also had to learn what it was like to have a split family.  My mother in law also has a strong attitude toward family.  I am so grateful to have the sister in laws who have kids and have been there.  Who love my child and want to spend time with her.  For their children who love my daughter and now have a genuine interest in me.  They are pretty crazy.  But I love that about his family.

Most of all I am grateful for the beautiful little family that I've created.  My husband promised me that he would never leave me while we were dating in high school.  Then I left him and told him that "he wasn't the kind of guy I wanted to marry."  After both of us spent the next five years moving around we met up again.  I don't think I ever stopped being in love with him.  Turns out he was the kind of guy I wanted to marry because I did.  We weren't planning on having any children.  Well, we didn't think we could have any because my husband had gotten a vasectomy.  Someone had other plans for us and we were given our beautiful daughter.  I am grateful to have a husband who makes me feel loved unconditionally, who doesn't judge me, makes me feel valued, puts up with me annoying him constantly, and doesn't make me feel dumb when I'm having my twentieth blonde moment of the day.  (BTW, I'm totally a brunette) Having my daughter completes our crazy home.  She's random and goofy, but serious and affectionate.

I would be so lonely and lost without these people in my life.

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  1. Great post! I'm thankful everyday for my family. I meet so many people with none its crazy to me! I do Grateful Mondays for this same reason!

    1. You're right, it does seem a little odd when we see people with no family. I love when I invite friends who have little family over for parties or dinner with my parents, they are just like "wow", but then fit right in.

  2. Hmm this week it'd have to be the sunny autumn and winter we've had so far, that the little kids are over their colds and that I get a few more weeks at home with baby before getting back into the world of work outside the home.

    1. Hoping your last few weeks remain cold free and you have enough sunshine to make it fun outside.